The Kinslie Ann Bow

The Kinslie Ann Bow

“The Kinslie Ann” is named for Kinslie Ann Caprioglio. 

Kinslie’s mom, Kelsie’s water broke at 22 weeks and was told Kinslie had an  extremely low chance of survival. Doctors expected Kelsie would most likely go into labor within 24-72 hours. 

While doctors suggested to end the pregnancy, Mom and Dad were not going to give up on Kinslie. Kelsie waited at home for 2 weeks and prayed she would not go into labor or develop an infection because Kinslie was not viable until 24 weeks, therefore, would not receive medical attention. 

Once they made it to 24 weeks, they packed their bags and moved into Prespyterian/ St. Luke's Hospital, where they will stay until Kinslie is born. Each day is a blessing and the Caprioglios are hoping for Kinslie to grow as long as possible. 

Proceeds of “The Kinslie Ann” will go directly to the Caprioglio family toward medical bills for mom and Kinslie. They also plan to use these funds to love on the nurses / labor & delivery unit at Presbyterian St. Luke’s. 

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